Bowen Therapy with Maureen


Bowen work is extremely gentle and safe to use throughout pregnancy, it is also very relaxing, many clients fall asleep during a session. Maureen has a pregnancy pillow, which allows you to lie comfortably on your stomach if you wish.


Pregnancy, although a wonderful time in your life, can bring with it a few unwanted problems or make old conditions flare up; such as

Back pain and or sciatica

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Reflux and indigestion

Morning sickness


Unstable pelvis


These and many other conditions can be gently and safely treated.

Bowen work can balance and align your pelvis prior to and after the birth of your baby.

Bowen work can assist in ensuring your baby is in the best possible position ready for birth. Many babies have easily and painlessly been encouraged to turn from the breech position to head down, using only gentle Bowen work, often after only one session.


Many breast feeding problems can be resolved with a Bowen session (also see the page on babies). Mastitis, blocked milk ducts, and the let down reflex are all improved with Bowen work. Maureen can teach you the breast procedure so that you can do it at home.

Both mum and baby can be treated together after the birth, NO Charge for baby when treated with mum.

The gentle Bowen moves are always demonstrated before starting on your treatment.

Most conditions can be safely and gently treated using Bowen,

please phone Maureen to ask any questions and for further information. 

Ph: 03 5250 3314

Maureen is a registered Midwife and Division 1 Nurse, as well as a qualified Bowen Practitioner.

Also see Testimonials page.

Many Health Funds provide refunds for Bowen Treatments

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