Bowen Therapy with Maureen


Children love Bowen, it is gentle, relaxing and calming and they respond quite quickly. Young children can choose a teddy, from the teddy family living under the chairs, to have Bowen with them. Most children set their own pace for the Bowen session.

Most kids problems can be gently and effectively treated with Bowen. These include:-


Strained muscle form playing, sports, gymnastics etc

Strengthening / relaxing muscles after surgery or broken bones

Jaw / TMJ problems



Otitis media or “glue ear”

Umbilical Hernia


Bowel problems

Bowen therapy can ease respiratory problems and make breathing easier when your child has asthma, a chest infection or croup. Bowen also eases the pain and speeds recovery of ear infections.

Bowen work has proven to be helpful with special needs kids. Tom Bowen (the Geelong man who created Bowen Therapy) spent a lot of time treating these children. Bowen is calming and relaxing and can have profound effects on both the intellectually and physically disabled. Maureen can provide articles and research papers on this.

The gentle Bowen moves are always demonstrated on mum or dad before starting the treatment on your child. 

Most conditions can be safely and gently treated using Bowen,

please phone Maureen to ask any questions and for further information.  

Ph: 03 5250 3314

All children are treated FREE with a paying adult or Maureen has Special Rates for some conditions, eg Bed wetting package, takes a minimum of 6 treatments so package rate of $180.

Maureen is a registered Midwife and Division 1 Nurse, as well as a qualified Bowen Practitioner.

Also see testimonials page.

Many Health funds offer rebates for Bowen Treatments.



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  • "I have bad arthritis in left knee and have been on constant pain killers even after arthroscopic surgery. The bowen technique maureen used has helped that pain decrease and made..."