Bowen Therapy with Maureen

Assisting Conception

Bowen work is gentle and safe, it can be used on its own or in conjunction with other fertility treatment. Bowen work has assisted many couples with conception. Although the main focus is on the woman, successes are higher when her partner has some treatments as well.


The Bowen technique is a gentle form of bodywork in which very subtle but purposeful moves are performed over muscles, bones and connective tissue.

The first step in assisting conception, is to regulate the woman’s menstrual cycle, if it is irregular, this requires a weekly session. It is also beneficial to treat her partner once or twice, during this time to balance his body and give them both the best chance at conception.

Once menstruation  has become regular, an appointment is made as close as possible to her next period. It is helpful to treat the partner again at this time.  (Maureen can treat you both at the same time so there is no waiting).

Some minor dietary changes and regular exercise, such as walking, are also recommended.

People are often surprised that other problems they have, are resolved during their treatments.

The gentle Bowen moves are always demonstrated before starting the treatment on you.

Most conditions can be safely and gently treated using Bowen,

please phone Maureen to ask any questions and for further information. 

Ph: 03 5250 3314

Maureen is a registered Midwife and Division 1 Nurse, as well as a qualified Bowen Practitioner.

Maureen can work out a package price for you.

Many Health funds give rebates on Bowen Treatments


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