Bowen Therapy with Maureen


Quotes Joshua was breech, his legs used to stick up after birth and his hips were a bit loose. When he starting walking he stood and walked with his legs wide apart. Four days after his second Bowen treatment he started standing with feet closer together, then over the next few days walking more naturally. We haven't needed any more treatments. Quotes
JJ, happy mum

Quotes 9 month old baby:- Yay for Bowen, his chest has been clear since yesterday afternoon and as a bonus he's no longer pooping 10 marbles a day, he's filling his nappy with ease. Thanks. Quotes

Quotes 55 year old with pelvic prolapse, after 4 treatments:- Less feeling of needing to pass more urine. Lump or bulge in the vagina is less obvious. Quotes

Quotes 40 year old:- So relaxing, Sleeping well. Quotes

Quotes 30 yr old, chronic car sickness since a young child:- I've been playing with my phone in the car for more than 10 minutes, no wrist bands, no nausea. Quotes

Quotes 41 yr old:- First decent sleep in 5 days, no bad knee pain, thanks so much. Quotes

Quotes 3 month old with reflux:- has slept 7 hours, thank you. Gee I love Bowen. Quotes


  • "I spent a fortnight suffering intense neck/shoulder pain and spasms I went to Maureen for help as I could not even raise my right arm. Now it has been a month since my last tre..."
  • "I have bad arthritis in left knee and have been on constant pain killers even after arthroscopic surgery. The bowen technique maureen used has helped that pain decrease and made..."